The Forerunner

Formed in 2011, THE FORERUNNER released two full lengths and one EP while touring the country for four years. In 2015, THE FORERUNNER called it quits but was revived in 2022 to play monthly heavy worship nights at local Las Vegas churches.

THE FORERUNNER has garnered a fervent following for their unique fusion of faith-driven lyrics and heavy, electrifying melodies. Committed to expressing their profound love for Jesus Christ through their powerful compositions, the band has become renowned for their unapologetic proclamation of faith, weaving spiritual messages seamlessly into their thunderous soundscapes. 

THE FORERUNNER's 12" split with TAKE titled The Beginning of Sorrows is now available from Resuscitation Records. THE FORERUNNER's song, "O My Soul," is also available on The Bitter Taste of Lost Years compilation from Resuscitation Records.