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TAKE / The Forerunner - The Beginning of Sorrows (SPLIT) - Deluxe 12" LP

TAKE / The Forerunner - The Beginning of Sorrows (SPLIT) - Deluxe 12" LP

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Resuscitation Records is proud to release The Beginning of Sorrows, a split 12” record featuring Las Vegas bands TAKE and The Forerunner. Both bands uniquely blend metal with hardcore to create sounds full of irresistible riffs and massive amounts of energy.

The record features TAKE on Side A and The Forerunner on Side B.  Each of the five TAKE songs were previously unreleased on vinyl and has been remastered specifically for this record.  The Forerunner also contributed five tracks in their signature “hardcore hymn” style, including two songs which previously have never been released.

The ten song record is receiving the deluxe vinyl treatment with a 180g pressing and a 12 page lyric booklet full of photos.  The first pressing consists of 200 units. 


Track List

Side A - TAKE

1. Everything I Once Was 

2. Leech

3. Golden Calf

4. Void

5. Tin Soldiers


Side B - The Forerunner

1. Crowns

2. Holy

3. Lion

4. O My Soul

5. Empty Grave



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