The Bitter Taste of Lost Years - Deluxe 180g Vinyl LP

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10 Song Compilation of Spirit-Filled Hardcore and Metalcore Bands

Deluxe LP on 180 Gram Heavyweight Vinyl.  Includes a 12 page full color lyric booklet.  

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Bonus:  All orders also include a CD version of the compilation.

Track List

Side A

  1. “The Pull” by I AM THE VINE
  2. “Pain Split” by PLEAD THE WIDOW’S CAUSE
  3. “Vipers” by BOUGHTBYBLOOD
  4. “Wide of the Mark” by COLLAPSE//REVIVE
  5. “Speed of Light” by BARRIERS

Side B

  1. “Wandering Stars” by YOUR HANDS WRITE HISTORY
  2. “Slave” by SO MUCH HOPE, BURIED.
  3. “Fide” by INTERCESSOR
  4. “Despite All This” by ÆNON
  5. “O My Soul” by THE FORERUNNER

Resuscitation Records

Spirit-filled and pressed on vinyl.

The debut compilation featuring 10 hardcore and metalcore bands on 180g vinyl. Watch the record's Official Trailer in the YouTube link below ↓