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The Great Commission - Heavy Worship - 12” LP (Yellow)

The Great Commission - Heavy Worship - 12” LP (Yellow)

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Introducing the monumental vinyl release of THE GREAT COMMISSION's "Heavy Worship" album! Following the band's debut on Strike First Records, "Heavy Worship" took the scene by storm upon its release on Ain't No Grave Records, drawing praise for its potent blend of catchy hardcore and metalcore.

Hailing from Redlands, Southern California, this six-member powerhouse boasted an electrifying live presence and an unwavering, unfiltered message. With a lineup featuring three guitarists and three full stacks of sound, THE GREAT COMMISSION redefined the notion of heaviness, led by guitarist Angela Razo, whose blistering leads and backing vocals pack a visceral punch.

Presented on heavyweight yellow vinyl, this 2024 reissue by Brutal Planet Records marks the first-ever vinyl release of "Heavy Worship," accompanied by a 12x12 full-color lyrics insert featuring band photos. Limited to just 300 copies.


1 Don't Go To Church, Be The Church 3:43
2 The Walking Dead 3:36
3 When It Rains It Pours 3:48
4 Draw The Line 3:29
5 Preaching To The Choir 3:09
6 Weight Of The World 3:56
7 The Prodigal Son 3:19
8 Road To Damascus 3:33
9 The Juggernaut 3:33
10 Reap What You Sow 3:30
11 Came To My Rescue (Be Lifted High) 3:25

  • Originally release 2011 on Ain't No Grave Records
  • Officially licensed from Century Media Records
  • First time on Vinyl (Heavy-weight Yellow) 
  • 12x12 Full Color lyrics insert

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