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Minier - Retooled 2023 Limited Edition - 12" LP

Minier - Retooled 2023 Limited Edition - 12" LP

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Legendary solo album from Greg Minier, the guitarist for The Crucified.  Originally released in 1990, this thrash masterpiece has been touched up to perfection:  remixed and remastered with the addition of bass guitar.  This album has never sounded better.

Black 180g vinyl pressed at 45 RPM.  Includes lyric insert with the story of how the restoration of this classic record was conceived and re-released. Only 100 units pressed.


Side A

1. Do Not Be Deceived (3:48)

2. The Skeptic (3:30)

3. Price (5:02)

Side B

1. Killing Of The Innocent (3:22)

2. Prophecy (3:04)

3. Philosophy Of Man (5:32)

4. The Secret Song (1:30)

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