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Detritus - If But For One 2019 Remaster - 12" LP

Detritus - If But For One 2019 Remaster - 12" LP

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With 1990’s Perpetual Defiance being such an elite album, one could easily expect the sophomore album from Detritus to be a let-down. Instead, the band returned with If But For One, a thrashing masterpiece that is progressive, thought-filled, spiritual, and definitively skull-crushing.

If But For One is nothing less than a maelstrom of metallic fallout. Tossing aside the by-the-numbers thrash, Detritus catapulted into one of metal's most innovative outfits, ever.

For fans of Voivod (Killing Technology era), Believer, Tourniquet, Seventh Angel, Celtic Frost and Metallica.


Side A

1. Masquerade (3:55)
2. So Far Away (6:10)
3. D.I.G.M. (5:36)
4. Let Peace Begin With Me (3:38)
5. Feel (2:16)
6. Blindly Rejected (4:43)

Side B

7. If But For One (6:45)
8. Sailors Farewell (2:54)
9. Father To Son (3:40)
10. Painted Reality (4:08)
11. As It Rains (4:03)
12. Subtle Shades (3:59)

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