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Bombworks Records

As Hell Retreats - Volition - 12” LP (Yellow)

As Hell Retreats - Volition - 12” LP (Yellow)

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"As Hell Retreats" is making a triumphant return with the reissue of their renowned album "VOLITION" in 2023, courtesy of Bombworks Records. This release is not just any reissue; it comes on stunning new yellow vinyl, adding a vibrant visual element to complement the band's ferocious sound.

Originally unleashed on the metal scene, "VOLITION" remains a quintessential record in the world of Christian metalcore. With relentless riffs, bone-crushing breakdowns, and thought-provoking lyrics, the album captures the band's unapologetic and visceral approach to their craft. Fans of heavy music will undoubtedly appreciate this vinyl reissue, allowing them to experience the raw intensity of "VOLITION" in a new and collectible format.


1 Young Heretic 3:14
2 The Loss 0:56
3 Matriarch 3:39
4 Shun 3:12
5 Heaven's Bane 3:20
6 Misanthropist 3:34
7 A Beggar... 2:46
8 ...And His Faith 3:12
9 Transgress 3:39
10 Desperation 3:08
11 Creator(s) 2:10
12 Only Hope 6:29

  • Officially licensed from Century Media Records
  • Originally released 2011 on Ain't No Grave Records
  • Limited vinyl pressing of just 300 units 
  • 1st time ever on vinyl
  • Transparent Yellow Vinyl comes with 12x12 full color lyrics insert

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